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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Phone

Q. Can I try the app to see if it is suitable for my business?

A. Yes! There is a one month free trial period.

Q. How to set up the App for my organization?

A. Simply download the app to get an administrator account. Once you have an administrator account they can invite other users at your site to join the site. If your organization will have five or less users the fee will be $250 per month. If your organization will have more than five users the fee will be $350 per month. 

Q. Does the app require cell reception?

A. The App requires that the user either has a Wi-Fi or Cellular reception for the App to work.

Q. Can I record that a fire occurred during the hot work task in the App?

A. Yes, the user has the option to add an additional three fields to each permit. Depending on your organization you may wish to record if a fire occurred, which specific contracting company was performing the work, an incident number etc.

Q. How would the App work if someone other than a supervisor performs the post hot work inspections?

A. Having a different employee perform the inspections is common at many organizations, this problem can be overcome by having an communal device such as an IPad. The communal device will require its own account and log in information. 

Q. What devices is the App compatible with?

A. The App is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. 

Q. Can the App replace physical hot work permits in the field?

A. Currently no, the App is a tool to help manage the existing hot work permit. The App uses the physical permit number for trackability and  for auditing by insurance companies etc. In the future, the App may be expanded to include all of the fields available on the hot work permit to eventually replace the physical copy. 

Q. How can IR Scans be attached to a hot work record?

A. IR scan can either be attached by adding the image to the record through the select a file option OR the user can use a mobile IR camera to directly add images to the record.  Check out the Flir One Gen 3 thermal imaging camera for both IOS and Android for a cost effective high quality solution.

 FLIR ONE Gen 3 Professional Thermal Camera for iOS and Android Smart Phones | Teledyne FLIR.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you ensure the safety of your business and employees.

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