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Mobile Phone


  • The homepage has a list of every hot work permit issued along with the status.

  • The most recent hot work permits are at the top.

  • There is a search feature that will let you find a specific hot work permit by the following properties:

    • Date Created

    • Time Started

    • Time Completed

    • Status – 1 Hour Watch

    • Status – 1st Inspection

    • Status – 2nd Inspection 

    • Completed All Inspections

Add a Permit

To add a permit to the system the user will be required to enter the following the information:

  • Permit Number

  • Person Issuing Permit

  • Location

  • Area - Fire Suppression Zone

Once the above information has been added the app will use your devices internal GPS to  mark the physical location.


Complete Inspections

The app will remind the user, when to return to the hot work location and perform an inspection. If a hot work is not checked within the specified time limit a notification is sent out to all app users notifying them of an outstanding inspection.  

The mobile devices internal GPS will cross reference the inspection location with the original hot work permit location.

Hot Work Checks


Inspections must be done withing the specified time range.


The user must conduct the inspection at the same location the permit was issued.


A warning will be issued if the user tries to issue a permit in an area that has an active fire system impairment.

Fire Suppression Impairments

There is a dedicated Impairment homepage that lists current and previous fire suppression system impairments, along with who put in the impairment and who returned the system back to service. Impairments can be quickly added to the system through the drop down menu.


Customize The App For Your Organization

In administration mode your organization will be able to add fire suppression areas, add addition questions to the permit, rename the permit checks and change the permit intervals, turn on and off the infra red checks for each inspection based on your organizations needs. 

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