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Introducing The Hot Work & Impairment Management App

Mobile Phone

Supervisor Portal

The app offers a dedicated portal for supervisors, the frontline users. Supervisors can effortlessly open hot work permits, specifying job locations and indicating when work areas are hot work ready. They are also tasked with capturing essential photos related to the job, ensuring a comprehensive record. Furthermore, supervisors are prompted to revisit the job site to conduct inspections and confirm checked status within the app.

Push Notifications

To streamline operations, the app sends timely push notifications. Supervisors receive notifications 15  minutes prior to their scheduled location checks, aiding in punctuality and job monitoring. Moreover, managers are kept informed with notifications when supervisors complete their tasks successfully or if there are lapses in completing check-ins, facilitating proactive management.

Location Verification

Leveraging GPS technology, the app provides robust location verification. Supervisors must be physically present at the designated job site to confirm checked
status. If a supervisor is not within the vicinity, they are unable to mark the location as inspected, enhancing accuracy and accountability.

Manager Portal

Managers gain access to a dedicated portal within the app, granting them real-time visibility into their team's activities. This portal offers an overview of ongoing tasks and job statuses, empowering managers to make informed decisions and ensure the efficient progression of work permits.

This App is poised to optimize job management, enhance compliance, and improve overall workflow efficiency. By combining user-friendly interfaces, location-based verification, and proactive notifications, this app promises to be an invaluable tool for industries where precision and safety are paramount.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you ensure the safety of your business and employees.

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