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Common Problems and Solutions

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Area Not Being Cleaned Sufficiently

Problem: All too frequently areas in which hot work is conducted are  not adequately cleaned. The more combustibles in the area the greater the fire risk.

Solution: The permit issuer is required to take three photos of the hot work area proving that the area is hot work ready.

Coordinating Hot Work and Impairments

Problem: Hot work permits continue to get issued in areas where the fire suppression system is impaired due to poor communication between departments.

Solution: The app will check if a a fire system is impaired and give the issuer a warning if an impairment is in progress.

Infra-Red Scans

Problem: Infra-red checks are an effective way to ensure that there are no smolders in the area following hot work. These checks are often not done due to needing a sperate device, or when done the scan is not attached to the permit for auditing purposes.

Solution: By using the mobile hot work  tool and a mobile IR camera can be attached directly to your mobile device allowing IR images to be saved and associated with the hot work permit. 

Post Hot Work Check Not Completed

Problem: Permit issuers may forget to complete a check, there may be a shift change, or a permit may get lost.

Solution: The app reminds the permit issuer to check the permit, the app uses your devices internal GPS to ensure the issuer returns to the hot work site for the inspections, the app has an escalation feature to notify all app users that a check has not been completed. 

Inadequate Auditing

Problem: Your hot work program can only improve if it can be fully audited so problems can be addressed.

Solution: The app tracks every permit issued, the person issuing the permit, the location, the photos provide evidence of cleanliness, and the devices GPS provides time stamped evidence of when then checks were actually completed. In addition IR scans and images can be attached directly to the permit for future reference.

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